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Kathleen ShephardSeattle Convention and Visitors Bureau, Seattle, WA
We came to Long Beach this weekend to go clamming. My husband was busy cleaning clams and I thought I’d go for a walk to visit the shops in town. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon your fabulous fabric store. I was in heaven! Great selection of fabrics – I am not a quilter, but I purchased several pieces to make myself some spring skirts and boxer shorts for my grandsons. But the best part of your shop was Barbara. So fun and friendly – a real delight. It makes all the difference in the world!
Betty Pratt
I was in your store yesterday with my cousin (who also quilts) and we totally enjoyed our visit. The girls that helped in my dilemma were the sweetest, most helpful and nicest ladies that we have met in a long while. I WILL BE BACK! I will be bringing other quilters/seamstresses with me. Thank the girls for me again, would you please?
Maureen Orr EldredCedar Mill, OR
We were in Long Beach yesterday and came to your store for the first time. Yes, we bought ... way more than we needed to, of course, but what fun! We loved Anna Lena's and are so glad you brought a quilt shop back to Long Beach!


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